Oral drug delivery solutions to release the true value of your API

An integrated oral drug delivery portfolio of excipients, technologies and CDMO services

Evonik is a global development partner and solutions provider for oral drug delivery. For more than 60 years, we have been providing renowned pharmaceutical and biotech companies with oral drug delivery solutions to help them enhance drug performance, reduce project complexity, increase speed to market and strengthen supply security. In addition to our market-leading portfolio of EUDRAGIT® functional excipients, we offer a selection of differentiated oral drug delivery technologies, best-in-class formulation and application services and high-quality cGMP-compliant clinical manufacturing and scale-up support. This integrated portfolio can help to release the true value and properties of small molecules and biologics developed in oral solid dosage forms in areas such as solubility enhancement, patient acceptance, drug protection, gastric resistance, colon administration, time-controlled release, alcohol resistance, personalized medicine, 3D printing and microbial delivery. 

EUDRAGIT® functional excipients for oral drug delivery

The EUDRAGIT® portfolio of functional polymers are the excipients of choice for the oral drug delivery of drug products with immediate, delayed, controlled or many other complex release profiles. Irrespective of how complex or personalized your various oral solid dosage form requirements, such as multiparticulates or matrix tablets, our EUDRAGIT® polymers can provide the coating versatility and reliability you need to help optimize levels of safety, efficacy and patient preference. They are highly compatible with core process technologies utilized for oral drug delivery, and available in a variety of forms for easy handling and processing at any scale.

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A highly differentiated portfolio of oral drug delivery technologies

When you require oral drug delivery systems to optimize drug performance and generate superior targeting outcomes, we can offer a wide selection of proprietary technologies that are available for narrow licensing. All of these oral drug delivery systems are designed to be readily combined with EUDRAGIT® polymers as well as other pharmaceutical excipients, substances or API layers to address specific release profile requirements. They can also be utilized with an array of coating technologies and oral dosage forms. For small molecules or biological drug products that target the ileocolonic region, we offer a broad range of pH-, time- and microbial-dependent technologies that are fully customizable and clinically proven for high-precision colonic delivery. A range of other oral drug delivery technologies are also available to enable outcomes such as the provision enteric protection followed by rapid drug release, improving the oral bioavailability of biologics and peptides, and optimizing resistance to alcohol.

Oral formulation and application services

If you are seeking to develop your drug product in complex oral dosage forms such as monolithics, matrix tablets, multiparticulates, two-dimensional films and 3D printed polypills, our best-in-class formulation development services can help optimize the release profile, the level of safety, performance or patient preference and accelerate speed to market. Our global team of formulation development specialists has extensive technical expertise across a range of API types, process technologies and application areas. This team can leverage a worldwide network of advanced laboratories that are fully equipped with specialized equipment to efficiently perform feasibility, pharmacokinetic, stability and other studies as well as a range of other analytical services.

Advanced clinical manufacturing services for complex oral solid dosage forms

We specialize in the clinical trial manufacturing of drug products that are formulated in complex oral solid dosage forms. Our GMP clinical trial manufacturing facility in Germany is fully equipped and licensed for the supply for your phase I or II clinical batches at the highest quality. Combined with our experience in process and analytical method development, these manufacturing facilities provide us with the flexibility and speed to supply batches for early stage clinical trials to virtually anywhere in the world within months. To further support these clinical manufacturing services, customers can also leverage our global laboratory network and local regulatory expertise. We are also an expert in the production and handling of high potency APIs and controlled substances. 

An oral drug delivery expert for the most complex and highly specialized drug products

Evonik has extensive technical expertise and capabilities to support you in the development of even the most complex or highly specialized drug products. We are one of the world’s leading providers of oral drug delivery solutions that can enhance the solubility of poorly soluble drugs to improve bioavailability during the earliest stages of clinical development. We also have decades of expertise in accelerating drug product entry into early stage clinical trials, including those targeted for orphan and oncological drug products. To optimize patient preference and rates of therapy compliance, we can also help to create advanced formulations for pediatric or geriatric populations that can generate outcomes such as improved swallowability, taste or odor masking and once-per-day dosing. Evonik can also be of services for microbiota therapies and other microbiome-based drug products, as well as the 3D printing of personalized oral dosage forms.