Setting the standard for parenteral excipients

Your trusted partner for standard and custom parenteral excipients

Whether you are looking for bioabsorbable polymers, drug delivery systems for nucleic acids, plant-based pharma-grade squalene for adjuvant systems, or custom polymers, Evonik is your partner of choice for parenteral excipients.

Defining bioabsorbable polymer quality for decades

Evonik's RESOMER® and LACTEL® portfolios of bioabsorbable polymers offer a wide range of standard, custom, and specialized parenteral excipients that provide a safe, effective, and reliable platform for drug delivery. These excipients support local and systemic delivery of complex parenteral formulations such as microparticles, nanoparticles, and drug-loaded implants, making them ideal for a wide range of drug types, therapies, and application areas.

Our RESOMER® portfolio includes a range of customizable options, such as RESOMER® Select, the world's leading brand of custom parenteral excipients, RESOMER® Precise, which enables extremely tight product specifications, and RESOMER® Zero, which is purified through a proprietary process, providing customers with tailored solutions. With over 30 years of experience in delivering safety, biocompatibility, and supply security to companies with complex parenteral drug products, the RESOMER® portfolio offers a proven track record of quality and reliability, giving customers peace of mind.

The LACTEL® portfolio, first commercialized in 1987, was acquired by Evonik in 2020 and has been defining polymer quality for decades. With a portfolio of over 20 standard poly(lactide) and poly(lactide-co-glycolide) polymers and a branched glucose star polymer, LACTEL® is available in small pack sizes with a 20-gram minimum order quantity, providing customers with cost-effective solutions. Both RESOMER® and LACTEL® portfolios are 100 percent bioresorbable, completely metabolized by the body, and ideal for terminal sterilization, ensuring safety and biocompatibility.

Drug delivery solutions from mRNA vaccines to novel therapies

Evonik offers comprehensive range of drug delivery solutions for nucleic acid medicines such as the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, and other new and emerging therapies to treat cancer, metabolic or infectious diseases. As a fully integrated solutions provider, Evonik supports the entire drug development process from manufacturing pharmaceutical excipients to commercial-scale drug production.

In our standard lipids portfolio, we offer PhytoChol®, your reliable source of non-animal-derived cholesterol, vital for lipid nanoparticles and cell culture media, adhering to international compliance standards. For your custom lipid needs, we use more than 30 years of expertise in lipid formulation and GMP manufacturing to bring you the custom lipid solution you need to ensure your project’s success and optimize time efficiency.

For lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulations, we are your global contract manufacturing and development partner (CDMO), and offer end-to-end services for lipid formulations, assisting drug developers to overcome biological barriers and optimize new therapies.

World’s first plant-based squalene in GMP quality

PhytoSquene® is Evonik's innovative plant-based squalene designed for parenteral drug delivery, offering a sustainable and safe alternative to animal-derived squalene. By using amaranth oil as a raw material, PhytoSquene® aligns with Evonik's commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in fighting climate change, driving circularity, and safeguarding ecosystems. It not only preserves marine biodiversity by reducing reliance on shark-derived squalene, but also ensures high-quality, consistent production under GMP standards in Germany, adhering to European Pharmacopoeia regulations.

Suitable for vaccines and pharmaceuticals, PhytoSquene® meets diverse cultural and religious needs, and allows for efficient vaccine formulation by amplifying the immune response with less active ingredient, thereby minimizing potential side effects.

Your custom polymer solutions for parenteral drug delivery

Evonik leverages over 70 years of expertise in pharmaceutical excipients and medical device materials to offer you custom polymers tailored to parenteral drug delivery systems. With renowned brands like EUDRAGIT® and RESOMER®, we provide a comprehensive range of standard and customized polymers, excelling in versatility, processability, and reliability.

Our capabilities encompass the entire value chain, offering contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) services for a variety of long-acting injectables and medical devices. Evonik's custom GMP lipids and polymers are specifically designed for advanced drug delivery and formulation, targeting RNA/DNA vaccines and nucleic acid-based therapeutics. Our sites in the U.S. and Germany are state-of-the-art facilities for polymer development and production, ensuring a secure dual manufacturing site approach.

Through tailored project structures, from initial discussions to GMP production, and our dedication to meeting project targets and timelines, we are committed to your needs. Clients benefit from Evonik's one-stop-shop capabilities, backward integration, and comprehensive quality certifications.

Our dedication to innovation and quality makes our parenteral excipients a trusted choice for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Get in touch with us to learn more and discuss your individual needs with our drug delivery experts around the globe.

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