The World's Leading Portfolio of Custom Biodegradable Polymers

Custom biodegradable polymers tailored to meet your specific formulation needs

Evonik is the global leader in the development and supply of custom biodegradable polymers that can match your specific API, formulation and parenteral drug product requirements. Our RESOMER® Select portfolio of custom biodegradable polymers has provided the flexibility for pharmaceutical companies to empower drug delivery innovation for more than a decade. Our new RESOMER® Precise platform also leverages our extensive knowledge of polymerization processes to enable the provision of custom bioresorbable excipients for parenteral controlled release applications with extremely tight specification ranges. With state-of-the-art production facilities in the U.S. and Germany providing security of quality and supply, and a record for safety and biocompatibility that spans several decades, we are ready to help you achieve outcomes that what others might say is impossible. 

The RESOMER® Select portfolio of custom biodegradable polymers

The RESOMER® Select portfolio of custom biodegradable polymers provides pharmaceutical companies with the flexibility they require to optimize the targeting and precise delivery timing of their complex parenteral drug products. A broad range of customization options are available, including the selection of specific monomers, as well as the composition and microstructure of the polymer. Regardless of whether acid or ester end groups are utilized, custom biodegradable polymer solutions can also be provided with well-defined molecular weights and inherent viscosities. Even polymers with a defined particle size distribution are part of Evonik’s very broad capability offerings.

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The reliable supply of custom biodegradable polymers at any clinical or commercial scale

All custom biodegradable polymers available under the RESOMER® Select portfolio can be supplied in batch sizes from lab to large-volume commercial scale. Advanced biomaterial manufacturing facilities near Birmingham in the U.S. state of Alabama and Darmstadt, Germany provide global security of quality and supply, as well as attractive options for dual-sourcing or back-up supply. With these same facilities also having advanced formulation development and analytical laboratories managed by highly experienced staff, everything that you need to support the selection, synthesis and supply of your custom biodegradable polymer is available under one integrated solutions package. All RESOMER® polymers available within the standard catalog, as well as specialized platforms including RESOMER® Zero and RESOMER® Sterile, are available for customization with RESOMER® Select.

A new process technology enabling custom biodegradable polymers with extremely tight specifications

Evonik is pleased to introduce the RESOMER® Precise platform of custom biodegradable polymers to help pharmaceutical companies precisely control the release profile of their parenteral drug products. The highly innovative technology, which originates from recent advances made by Evonik in the understanding of polymerization processes, enables RESOMER® Precise polymers to meet extremely tight product specification requirements. RESOMER® Precise has the ability to generate polymers with a range for inherent viscosity (IV) that is ± 0.02 dL/g . These tight product specifications can be part of process validation and stability studies to ensure reliable long-term supply security and reduce regulatory risk. Get in touch with us for more information about how RESOMER® Precise can help to create the perfect custom biodegradable polymers for your target API and complex parenteral drug product.