Take the complexity out of the nutraceutical development and commercial scale-up process

Enable, enhance and differentiate your nutraceutical products with our formulation development and scale-up services

Consumers of dietary supplements and functional foods are becoming increasingly aware of their health choices when it comes to product selection and long-term brand loyalty. Scientific proof of effectiveness, the purity and sustainability of ingredients, an assurance of product quality, and the comfort and convenience of the formulation are now critical factors for success when it comes to the development of nutraceutical products. In parallel, worldwide regulatory agencies are closely reviewing the quality, safety and efficacy of nutraceutical ingredients and finished products. Evonik has leveraged its decades of market leadership in the pharmaceutical industry with APIs, functional excipients and oral solid dosage forms to position itself as a leading global nutraceuticals development partner to help customers reduce project risk and accelerate speed to market. In addition, we serve as a global industrialization and commercial supply partner for advanced food ingredients and other substances made via microbial fermentation processes.

Seamless support across the design, development and scale-up of your nutraceutical products

From the initial feasibility testing of your initial concept until when the final product is in your hands, Evonik can serve as your nutraceutical development and scale-up partner. Unlike most other nutraceutical CDMOs, we combine a unique portfolio of health ingredients and functional coating technologies with a global network of formulation laboratories that are led by technical teams with strong scientific and application know-how. For customer proximity and responsiveness throughout the nutraceutical development and scale-up, these advanced labs are located across the U.S., Europe, Latin America, India and Asia-Pacific.

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Extensive analytical capabilities to evaluate and optimize product quality during the nutraceutical development process

To help customers select the perfect ingredients and dosage forms, as well as collate powerful data for future regulatory submissions, we provide a wide range of analytical services during the nutraceutical development process. To fully characterize your formulation, we can conduct an extensive array of dissolution and disintegration tests. We can also test further characteristics such as the taste or smell of your ingredients with electronic equipment, and conduct assay and impurity as well as stability studies. Other complex analytical capabilities for our laboratories include the use of scanning electron microscopes (SEM), particle size analysis, dissolution testing, ingredient purity testing, cell biology and protein analysis.

During the early stages of project planning and feasibility testing, we can rapidly conduct studies to test coating esthetics or other properties, review batch-to-batch variability, and assess overall formulation performance. We can also characterize the formulation to assess its composition and optimize the manufacturing process for efficient clinical and commercial scale-up. Technical or HACCP complaint demonstrators can be provided for use across a wide range of studies or human clinical trials. Other areas of technical support include formulation development and production troubleshooting. We also specialize in the development of customized nutraceutical dosage forms to address specific ingredient, consumer or application requirements.

Leverage our decades of industry leadership to create advanced formulations

Evonik has extensive expertise in the development of a range of nutraceutical dosage forms and functional foods and beverages. Dosage forms used as dietary supplements across a wide variety of application areas include single-entity or combination tablets, hard or soft-shell capsules, generic fast-melt or effervescent granules and chewable tablets. To help optimize product safety and efficacy as well as consumer preference, our nutraceutical development expertise also extends to functional foods and beverages including powders, energy or cereal bars and powder in drinking caps. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

A global leader in the fermentation-based manufacturing of advanced food ingredients

The potential of fermentation-based manufacturing processes for use with advanced food ingredients and other biofabricated products has significantly expanded over the last decade due to recent advances in synthetic biology and genetic engineering. Highly complex metabolic pathways can now be transferred from various organisms into microbial production hosts. A range of specialty ingredients now represent attractive opportunities for high-quality, sustainable and reproducible production utilizing microbial fermentation processes. Evonik is a global CMO leader for microbial fermentation with decades of industry expertise and a large, global network of specialized manufacturing facilities. With a range of services from strain development through to commercial production, we have earned a strong record for performance across our large, growing base of food and nutraceutical customers.

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