Make Evonik your key ingredient for nutraceuticals success 

A nutraceuticals portfolio of advanced health ingredients, coatings, services and finished dosage forms

The nutraceuticals market continues to shift towards dietary supplements and functional foods that have proven health benefits, and are safe, convenient and comfortable for consumers to take during their normal daily routines. Evonik is leveraging more than 60 years of expertise with active pharmaceutical ingredients, complex formulations and drug products to ensure nutraceutical companies have access to the right products, technologies and services to satisfy consumer demand and differentiate their products from the competition. As a global development partner and solutions provider, our portfolio of active food ingredients, functional coatings, formulation and scale-up services and finished dosage forms is designed to create nutraceutical value across a range of health areas.

Nutraceutical solutions to create value across all stages of the product development process

Evonik has a proud record of achievement in supporting customers in the development of dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages. Whether you are targeting health-conscious consumers who are seeking to reduce the risk or effects of chronic disease or develop and scale-up a formulation with high levels of scientific effectiveness or superior brand acceptability, we have the flexibility and expertise to serve as a preferred nutraceuticals partner. We specialize in a range of health areas where demand for science-based nutraceuticals is growing strongly. These areas include cardiovascular health, cognitive health, gut health, liver health and muscle health.

Advanced food ingredients with science-based health benefits to enhance and differentiate your nutraceutical brands

Our portfolio of advanced food ingredients with science-based health benefits is designed to help drive brand preference and differentiate your nutraceuticals from the competition. These products, which are cleared for marketing across many international markets, are suitable for use with a range of nutraceutical formulations.

  • AvailOm® is the highest concentration omega-3 powder in its class, being three to five times more bioavailable than standard omega-3 softgels.
  • Healthberry® is an anthocyanin-rich powder for functional foods and beverages that is derived from natural blueberries and blackcurrants.
  • REXIVA® is a portfolio of highly purified amino acids that are suitable for all nutritional applications including medical enteral nutrition.


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EUDRAGUARD® portfolio of functional coatings to enhance nutraceutical performance and preference

The EUDRAGUARD® portfolio of functional coatings represents a flexible toolbox of proven nutraceutical solutions to help increase bioavailability, extend stability, boost preference, enhance protection or improve processability. Core functional outcomes for nutraceuticals that can be made possible by EUDRAGUARD® include taste and odor masking, gastric resistance, moisture protection, sustained or delayed release and targeted colonic delivery.

  • EUDRAGUARD® protect is designed to provide taste and odor masking, and protection from moisture.
  • EUDRAGUARD® control can be leveraged for gastric resistance or sustained release and is suitable for a range of dosage forms including soft-shell capsules.
  • EUDRAGUARD® biotic is designed for targeted colonic delivery and is ideal for use with a range of applications including prebiotics and probiotics.
  • EUDRAGUARD® natural is a natural coating that can provide effective taste and odor masking as well as delayed release.

Formulation and scale-up services for nutraceuticals

Evonik has the formulation and application laboratories and technical expertise to provide seamless support across the entire process until the finished nutraceutical product is in your hands. Our global network of labs across the U.S. Europe, Asia and Latin America provides a broad range of analytical services for product quality. A range of services can be provided including rapid feasibility studies and the provision of technical or HACCP-compliance samples for evaluation or trials. We also have extensive dosage form expertise across dietary supplements including single or combination tablets, hard or softshell capsules, generic, fast-melt or effervescent granules and chewable tablets. Additional areas of nutraceutical expertise for functional foods include powders, energy or cereal bars, gummies, sachets, shots and sprinkles. Additional areas of project support include ingredient and formulation selection, CMO selection, trouble shooting and a range of analytical services.