An advanced portfolio of health ingredients with proven scientific benefits

Health ingredients to boost the performance, stability and bioavailability of dietary supplements and functional foods

As consumers continue to become more health-conscious, they are seeking to proactively maintain or improve health, and reduce chronic disease risk through the use of dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages. However not all nutraceutical products are created equal. In addition to quality and regulatory concerns regarding the purity, consistency and sustainability of products, consumers are also increasingly demanding science-based health ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective. Nutraceutical companies also recognize that health ingredients can be used to improve levels of brand preference and acceptability. Evonik has developed a portfolio of advanced health ingredients with proven scientific benefits to help enhance and differentiate nutraceutical products.

A best-in-class omega-3 health ingredient

To address growing consumer demand for dietary supplements with omega-3 health ingredients that provide superior bioavailability, stability and convenience, Evonik has developed AvailOm® as the highest load product in its class. With 50% EPA and DHA as a free fatty acid by weight, AvailOm® has bioavailability more than five times higher than traditional omega-3 fish oil soft-gel capsules. Being directly compressible into tablets and with stability of more than four years, the health ingredient is ideal for use with omega-3 or combination supplements. A range of AvailOm® product grades with varying concentrations of EPA and DHA are available to help you match our AvailOm® health ingredient to the needs of specific consumer groups or application areas.

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High-load anthocyanin health ingredients

Anthocyanins are derived from the skin and flesh of berries and have established strong scientific evidence regarding their beneficial properties for heart health, as well as other health areas including cognitive function. Wild bilberries and blackcurrants are known to be some of the richest sources of anthocyanins. However, these two types of berries are difficult to harvest and subject to seasonal variations, with cold, harsh conditions required to maximize potency. Evonik has developed a proprietary process to create an anthocyanin-rich powder health ingredient from wild bilberries and blackcurrants sourced from Scandinavia and New Zealand. This 100% natural, high-load berry extract is a highly attractive health ingredient for use across a range of functional foods and beverages.

Highly pure amino acids for use as health ingredients

Amino acids are constituents of proteins that are involved in most biochemical processes within the body. Many amino acids can be classified as health ingredients due to strong scientific evidence supporting their health benefits across areas including heart health, gut health, liver health and brain health. Evonik is the leading European-based global supply of highly purified amino acids that are suitable for use with all nutraceutical applications. Our REXIVA® platform of non-animal origin amino acids can be used across a range of application areas, including dietary supplements, infant nutrition, sport nutrition and medical enteral nutrition. In addition to ensuring high-quality supply from FDA-audited and ISO certified sites, we also have strong backward integration for amino acids such as methionine, serine and proline.

In addition to health ingredients, talk to us about supporting your formulation and scale-up needs

Evonik is a market leader in the development of oral solid dosage forms and functional foods that contain advanced health ingredients. If you are seeking to develop or upgrade your single or combination product in forms such as tablets, capsules or functional foods, speak to us about how we can help differentiate your product brand whilst accelerating speed to market. In addition to formulation development services and the provision of samples for human or stability studies, we also offer a range of nutraceutical coating solutions that can help to improve bioavailability and performance while optimizing levels of consumer preference. This broad versatile combination of health ingredients, nutraceutical coatings and formulation and scale-up services makes us an attractive global development partner and solutions provider.