The highest load omega-3 powder ingredient in its class for dietary supplements 

AvailOm®: a platform of omega-3 powders for superior bioavailability, stability and convenience

As consumers become more aware of the link between a balanced diet and a healthy life, they are increasingly seeking dietary supplements to ensure a better nutrition and sufficient uptake of essential omega-3 fatty acids. Scientific evidence continues to grow regarding the benefits of omega-3 in supporting healthy heart, brain, joint and eye function during infancy, early motherhood and all other stages of life. Recognizing the consumers’ need for more convenient and versatile solutions, Evonik has developed AvailOm® as a best-in-class platform of omega-3 powders with superior bioavailability and stability. AvailOm® omega-3 powders are not only highly efficacious and sustainable sourced, but can be leveraged to develop single, small tablets or capsules that are easy-to-swallow and avoid undesirable smells, aftertaste or fishy burps.

Omega-3 lysine powder complex with unmatched properties

AvailOm® is the highest-load omega-3 powder in its class with 50% eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) as a free fatty acid by weight. An innovative, unique process combines these free fatty acids with an essential amino acid to form a solid omega-3 lysine complex with unmatched properties. The technology behind AvailOm® allows EPA and DHA to be readily absorbed by the body without the need to be broken down prior uptake as in the case of standard ethyl ester or triglyceride forms. The bioavailability of AvailOm® powders has been confirmed in a clinical study to be more than five times higher than traditional liquid omega-3 soft-gels, even with a low-fat diet or on an empty stomach. Long-term stability studies have proven superior oxidation resistance of at least 4 years without any use of additives. To further help protect fish and krill, but also other marine or animal species that depend upon them, AvailOm® omega-3 products are fully derived from sustainable sources.

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AvailOm® omega-3 powders can be tailored to match specific application or consumer needs

Evonik has developed a highly versatile platform of AvailOm® omega-3 powder grades allowing nutraceutical companies to tailor their supplement brands to the specific needs of targeted consumer groups or application areas.

  • AvailOm® 50 High DHA Algae is an algae-oil based grade offering a minimum 48% DHA as free fatty acids, making it ideal for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Similar to the fish oil-derived AvailOm® 50 High DHA omega-3 powder, it is ideal for consumers who are seeking supplement solutions for use during pregnancy and early motherhood, or to support eye function or brain health in later stages of life.
  • For consumers who are seeking dietary supplements with omega-3 specifically for heart health, joint health or to reduce inflammation, fish oil-based AvailOm® 50 High EPA is the preferred solution, offering minimum 30% EPA and 15% DHA as free fatty acids by weight.

A variety of attractive formulation options to develop single or multi-ingredient supplements with omega-3 powders

In addition to being a highly concentrated omega-3 supplement ingredient with unrivalled stability, our AvailOm® products are supplied as free-flowing powders which are easy to handle and directly compressible into tablets. A range of multi-ingredient supplement opportunities are accessible by combining AvailOm® omega-3 powders with other active ingredients such as botanicals, vitamins, proteins, minerals, pre- or probiotics for enhanced performance. Formulation options are ideally suited to develop hard capsules or film coated tablets in various sizes and shapes. Specific consumer needs can be met with a range of additional functional coatings such as odor and taste barrier solutions based on EUDRAGUARD® natural. Further customization options include coating colors and the supply of clean label formulations. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements with one of our experts.

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