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Dietary supplements that are convenient to take, effective in performance and of a consistently high quality

Not all dietary supplements are created equal. Consumers of dietary supplements are increasingly demanding products with health ingredients that deliver superior efficacy and bioavailability, are sustainably sourced, made to the highest quality levels and are convenient to take as part of a normal daily routine. In our pursuit of providing consumers with the best possible options for dietary supplements, Evonik is bringing together its competencies across health ingredients, final dosage forms and sustainable manufacturing processes to create product brands that are scientifically proven, differentiated and preferred. If you are a nutraceutical company seeking to provide consumers with the dietary supplements that can address their specific health, lifestyle or application needs, get in touch to learn more.

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MEDOX® is our leading brand of dietary supplements with high anthocyanin content that’s naturally sourced at the highest quality

Anthocyanins provide the color that you see in the skin and flesh of berries. There is growing scientific evidence that foods and dietary supplements rich in anthocyanins can play an important role in heart health as well as other areas including eye health, immune system, peripheral blood circulation and the normal function of blood vessels, cholesterol balance and muscles as well as brain health and liver health. The most potent berries for anthocyanins are wild bilberries and blackcurrants sourced from cold environments. However, such berries are typically seasonal, difficult to harvest and can vary in levels of anthocyanin purity. MEDOX® is a leading brand of dietary supplement.

  • Consistently high anthocyanin content that utilizes 100% natural product origin bilberries and blackcurrants from Scandinavia and New Zealand.
  • A proprietary process creates small, easy-to-swallow capsules of MEDOX®.
  • With more than 20 years of research, MEDOX® dietary supplements can have a potent and consistent effect on cardiovascular health.

MEDOX® dietary supplements are available in pharmacies within parts of Europe including Scandinavia and Europe. For more information, visit the MEDOX® website.

Contact us if you require support in the development of your own dietary supplement brands

Evonik has many decades of expertise in partnering with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies to help them develop products supplied in oral dosage forms including capsules and tablets. If you require support in the development of a new dietary supplement brand, or would like to optimize an existing one, we can help bring together the right technical experts, health ingredients, development services and scale-up support to reduce project risk and accelerate speed to market. Our global network of formulation and application laboratories across Europe, North and South America and Asia are available to provide you with reliable and responsive support.

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