Dietary supplement with high anthocyanin content

Berry extract with high and stable anthocyanin content developed in Norway

In 2016, Evonik Industries acquired the company MedPalett AS with headquarters in Sandnes, Norway. MedPalett AS specializes in food ingredients containing anthocyanins.

As there is an increasing demand for innovative food ingredients made from natural substances with scientifically proven benefits, the acquisition of MedPalett helps Evonik in the development of its Health Care business and its portfolio. For MedPalett, the integration into the Evonik Group primarily means improved access to international markets and higher R&D resources.

MedPalett manufactures the ingredient itself. The berry extract, which is marketed as a dietary supplement under the brand name MEDOX®, has been available in Scandinavia since the year 2000. 

High anthocyanin content to improve vein health and physical fitness

We are processing wild Scandinavian bilberries and black currants from New Zealand for the manufacturing of MEDOX®. Bilberries and black currants contain different types of anthocyanins. Including both bilberries and black currants into MEDOX® allows to have all naturally occurring types of anthocyanins combined in one capsule.

Anthocyanins are known for their natural antioxidant properties. Numerous international studies suggest broad health-promoting properties including the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Anthocyanins promote blood circulation and ensure that oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, waste products, blood cells and hormones are transported through the bloodstream in the best possible way. They reduce vascular permeability and improve blood flow - thereby supporting healthy blood vessels. The body's ability to regenerate can also benefit from this effect of anthocyanins. Thus, physical well-being can be influenced positively, which our long-standing customers in Norway confirm.

Patented manufacturing process for guaranteed quantity of anthocyanins

In terms of anthocyanin content, there is a significant difference between the cultivated blueberries which are available in supermarkets and the wild bilberries we are using as the main ingredient for MEDOX®. Wild blueberries have a much darker fruit pulp which is an important indication of anthocyanin content.

Anyone who has ever seen MEDOX® knows that the capsules contain a dark purple powder. This powder is made from the pomace of the berries - after the berries have been pressed, anthocyanins are highly concentrated in there. These anthocyanins are then extracted from the pomace, cleaned and dried. The finished product of this process is the purple powder which is filled into the MEDOX® capsules.

The patented, gentle manufacturing process was developed by Sjur Svaboe, who founded MedPalett. Sjur is convinced of the positive effect of bilberries and has fulfilled his childhood dream with the foundation of MedPalett and the production and distribution of MEDOX®. He developed the extraction process together with the University of Bergen. To ensure a minimum quantity of 80mg anthocyanins per MEDOX® capsule, the manufacturing process and the anthocyanin content are still constantly monitored today.

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