Oral dosage form applications

A portfolio of pharmaceutical products, technologies and services to meet your oral dosage form application needs

Leverage our formulation and application expertise across a range of oral dosage forms

Evonik has decades of expertise in aligning our portfolio of functional excipients, formulation and process technologies, and cGMP manufacturing capabilities to create customer solutions for a wide range of oral dosage form applications. Our technical experts can leverage this vast expertise, together with the advanced capabilities available at our global network of laboratories, to provide best-in-class services that will address even the most complex application challenge for drug products in an oral solid dosage form. By partnering with Evonik, you can be assured of the best possible outcomes to protect your API, improve targeting, boost product performance and differentiate your brand from competition in the industry.

For oral dosage form applications where the product features an immediate release profile, we can help to enhance swallowability, mask unpleasant smells and odors, protect sensitive APIs from light, oxygen or moisture, and improve drug stability and release reliability during development processes. For oral dosage form applications where the goal is to enhance bioavailability, we excel at helping you address poor API solubility and stability in the GIT, and also overcome poor permeability. Other oral dosage form application solutions for products with delayed or sustained release profiles include gastric resistance, improved intestinal absorption, precise colonic delivery and alcohol resistance. We are also a leading provider of oral dosage form application solutions in the areas of microbiome delivery, peptide and biologic delivery, and 3D printing.

Oral dosage form applications with an immediate release profile

Are you seeking to better protect your sensitive API from harm or improve patient acceptability to increase therapy compliance and boost brand preference? Evonik provides a versatile range of high-performance functional polymers and application services that can be tailored to match your oral dosage and drug product requirements. Areas of expertise for drug protection include:

  • masking API bitterness

  • eliminating unpleasant odors

  • enhancing the swallowability

  • optimizing the overall elegance of the oral dosage form coating

Application solutions to protect the API form light, moisture or oxygen, and to improve overall drug stability are enabled by a range of cost-effective, thin layer coating solutions that improve transit and deliver excellent film adhesion. 

Oral dosage form applications with delayed or time-controlled release profiles

When it comes to improved levels of intestinal absorption or gastric resistance, we can leverage more than six decades of market leadership for enteric coatings and drug delivery technologies. Together, we can help:

  • protecting your acid sensitive APIs

  • preventing irritation of the gastric mucosa

  • enhancing bioavailability

  • precisely targeting specific regions of the mid-to-upper small intestine

Such oral dosage form application solutions can be ideal for multiparticulates, as well as monolithic and matrix tablets that are commonly used with aggressive APIs such as non-steroidal or anti-inflammatory drugs including NSAIDs. In particular, Evonik has developed a broad portfolio of EUDRAGIT® polymers and drug delivery technologies that can be utilized for the precision delivery to the colon, or the localized or systemic treatment of intestinal disorders. We also offer extensive oral dosage form application expertise to optimize product safety and efficacy by creating sustained, pulsatile or customized release profiles that are optimized to control the rate of delivery through the GIT over a specific duration.

Oral dosage form solutions for other specialized application areas

For oral dosage form applications that are required for microbiota therapies and other microbiome-based products, we have developed a broad, versatile portfolio of functional polymer and drug delivery technology solutions. These EUDRAGIT® polymers and pH, time and microbial-dependent drug delivery systems for modified release can help you to:

  • enhance survival with gastric resistance

  • better control transit and residence times

  • optimize targeted delivery to the colon or other sites at the right concentration

If you are seeking application solutions for alcohol resistance, we also have extensive expertise in the creation of oral dosage forms that can prevent alcohol-induced dose dumping or improve drug performance for opioids and amphetamines. And if you are seeking application outcomes that combine the bioavailability of an injectable with the convenience of a tablet, we also offer a flexible toolbox of proven technologies that can be used to effectively deliver peptides and biologics in an oral dosage form. Contact us for further information.

Oral dosage form applications
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