The Gold Standard for Enteric Coatings has gone Platinum

An advanced, proprietary polymer solution

EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 utilizes Evonik’s new, patented AEMP® (Advanced Excipient Manufacturing Process) technology to unite the respective benefits of two polymers with well accepted monographs including EUDRAGIT® L 30 D-55: the gold standard for enteric coatings since 1955. Compatible with virtually all APIs and creating benefits for multiparticulates and other dosage forms, EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 sets a new platinum standard for enteric coatings.

Highly flexible polymer for enteric formulations

EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 does not require the use of plasticizers in the coating formulation, making it ideal for dosage forms that require excellent adhesion and flexibility. In addition to preventing plasticizer-related issues such as inhomogeneous distribution and evaporation, it reduces stability and regulatory risks associated with changes in film quality during storage.

Easy-to-process, with spray suspension preparation times reduced by up to 70%

By leveraging the power of AEMP®, EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 can be sprayed with a smooth, fast and no-stick process. In addition, to prevent cracks forming on coating films due to brittleness, the use of two separate polymers and plasticizer, as well as several agitator vessels was previously required. As a single product, EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 can reduce spray suspension preparation times by up to 70%, while also lowering equipment costs and required polymer volume.

Thin film coatings for higher drug loadings

The high surface area of small particles used in multiparticulates can require large coating amounts to achieve the target functionality, potentially restricting drug concentrations as well as patient compliance. With a thin film able to deliver reliable enteric protection, EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 creates opportunities to develop high drug loadings and strengthen brand preference.

Order your EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 product sample 

Reading first-hand information on a product on a website is one thing. Testing a new product in your laboratory is another. Order your EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 product sample via our login platform onCare or by writing us an e-mail and see for yourself how this product sets a new standard for enteric coatings.

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